Bluebirds: “PILOT”

A young, female pilot, tasked with delivering warplanes to the RAF during World War Two, battles to prove herself against friend and foe alike in the skies above war-torn England. Continue reading



Simon Wilkinson is a London born, Anglo-Irish author and screenwriter – now based in North Yorkshire.

After spending years as a history teacher, museum curator and animal sanctuary manager, Simon started writing professionally in 2013.

He primarily writes historical drama and war stories with a British / Irish focus, but also has a passion for science fiction.

Simon is currently working on several new projects for film, television and radio and is still no closer to completing that first novel…

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In 2015 – Simon’s drama script, “The Harp Without the Crown” was a semi-finalist in the Adapted & True Story Screenplay Competition and his drama script, “Bluebirds” was a quarter-finalist in the Fresh Voices Screenplay Competition.


In 2016“Bluebirds”  was accepted as a finalist in the Women’s Independent Film Festival (Fall 2016) plus it was a semi-finalist in both the WE Screenplay Diverse Voices competition and the Table Read My Screenplay – Park City contest. Also in 2016, his short screenplay, “No Man’s Land”  was a semi-finalist in the Scriptwood Screenplay Competition and his comedy script, “Saving Joey” won the Rebel Seed Film & Script Showcase title for Best Feature Script Pitch.


In 2017 – “Bluebirds” was the winner of the Women’s Film & Script Showcase 2017, was a finalist in the California Women’s Film festival 2017, a semi-finalist (top 30) in Francis Ford Coppola’s American Zoetrope Screenwriting Contest 2016 and made the Screenwriting Goldmine 2017 “Long List” (top 32 scripts).

“Bluebirds” TV Pilot was a a semi-finalist in the Screencraft Pilot Launch TV Script Contest 2017 and a quarter-finalist in the 2017 Shore Scripts Screenplay Contest.

The first scene (listed as the three minute short script “Bluebird”) was an official selection in the Changing Face International Film Festival 2017.